October 14, 2020
Diary - An Impact to life

Diary: An impact to life

“When you write, you project a world that fits you.” -Jesús Fernández Santos-

You go around you sense something, it triggers your mind, you meet people, get to know them, share your ideas, get theirs; keep in mind, you feel the vibes, you tune in with nature, you look into mind with that essence right? You would like to keep a note of it or jot down somewhere. This what Diary or Journal holds a purpose of.....

September 12, 2020
Can Stationery ever fade??

Can Stationery ever be fade??

What answer do you expect? Yes, your opinion matters. Okay let’s not wait and jump in.

No, you heard it right, it can never fade. These stationery items have its own industry, a whole manufacturing units. Digitally it might have affected the stationery manufacturing or the stationery in use, engaging the people to glued up on phones, iPad to write down notes, or reading, but could it be possible that these cell phone dependencies can take over the world of pen, pencils, notebooks, notepads other stationery items.....

September 2, 2020
3D Printing - Lord Krishna Printers

3D Printing and its overall Aspects

Education is of utmost important and holds the key about the capability of human inventiveness. Our system requires theory and practical approach. Today’s budding minds has curiosity to learn, to know, to ask, something ahead and this inquisitiveness led us to dive into such printing which give leaning a different angle. Earlier education system was limited to text books and videos, but digitalization is changing how we see through it. Schools, Universities students have intuitive minds and .....